Version History


  • More improvements to start menu hooking (shouldn't get lost - for real this time!)
  • Just in case, a "Rehook start menu" option is now on the tray icon's context menu.
  • Update notification! Start++ will now check for updates on start-up. There's also a "Check for updates" button the tray icon's context menu.


  • New icon!
  • More reliable start menu hooking (hopefully) so it won't "lose" it after a while.
  • Better performance / fewer visual artifacts
  • Fixed a couple crashes
  • Fixing one crash required not launching Start++ from the installer, so you'll have to run it yourself after install (for now)
  • Ctrl+Backspace will now delete the preceding word in the start menu search box (if Start++ is running)


  • Start++ now runs in the system tray to provide better Start Menu hooking, including custom Start Menu UI (”Start Gadgets”).
  • Picture Gadget is the first built-in Start Gadget. Eventually this will be extensible.
  • New Options tab with three options
  • Disable running in the background (provides the same functionality as previous versions).
  • Disable command line integration (feature request)
  • Disable Start Menu commands for when Start++ isn’t running
  • Bug fixes, including a fix for users with spaces in their user names.


  • Fixed MIME type for .startlet registration
  • Fixed installer regression in 3.0


  • Added Export support to .startlet file
  • Register handler for importing .startlet files
  • Multi-select in list views for delete / export
  • Added seperate “Arguments” field for Simple Commands
  • Added %>n syntax for specifying a range of arguments starting at a given index (ie. %>2 would fill in the third argument plus all that come after it)
  • Fixed some defaults


  • Added support for ‘+’ delimited parameters to fix multi-word web searches. Current Users will need to replace the %* substition with %+ for the web search queries they use. New users will get updated defaults with the proper query templates.


  • First public release.
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