This is a list of suggested features and additions to Start++. Got a great idea? Add it!

  • Ctrl+Backspace to delete previous word in the search box - Chris Pirillo
  • Integration with TagJag oPML - through Grazr, perhaps? - Chris Pirillo
  • Latest Twitter friend updates? - Chris Pirillo
  • Latest Facebook friend updates or something Facebook related - Scott Bressler
  • shortlink integration (through API) - Chris Pirillo
  • Inline Live map integration? - Chris Pirillo
  • Draw further inspiration from - Chris Pirillo
  • Show more than one image in the picture viewer gadget - various PMs
  • Intergrate with Powershell - Anton Fletcher
  • Like Anton said, executing PowerShell cmdlets and pipes directly. Also, typing in a mathematical expression to get the results (on-the-fly would be better) - combining the capabilities of PowerShell and Windows XP PowerCalc PowerToy. -Soum
  • Release the source code to CodePlex - David
  • Address book integration. When it finds that your query matches a user and nothing else, show their name, image, phone number(s), email address(es), home/work address, and have links from these things (ie. clicking email address acts as a - Shane
  • Support using quotation marks in web searches for exact phrases - Niraj
  • link to windows help - 'help network connection' should search the windows help file and search for network connection - Anton Fletcher
  • A Windows XP version, you can add the address bar to the taskbar already, there's no reason why your program should only work with vista. (there's lots of people nog switched to vista yet - for good reasons) - Freek
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